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Individualized Learning

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Ongoing Assessments/ Measurable Progress

How Lakeside Works

Comprehensive Assessments

Lakeside Learning begins every program with a comprehensive, diagnostic assessment. Our assessments not only help tell "the story" behind each of our students, resulting in a program that is appropriately targeted, but also serve as a great measuring tool for future progress.  Our first goal is to pinpoint exactly which skills that student needs to experience success, as well as how that student learns best.  Armed with this information, our instructors deliver a targeted curriculum that is truly adaptive to the student's learning needs. Ongoing, we are constantly measuring a student's mastery of new material in order to ensure a high level of competency.  After every assessment is completed, we provide parents with a detailed report that highlights both the strengths and challenges their child is having, as well as how much progress was made (grade level and percentage) for reassessments.   


Individualized Learning

Effective reading and math instruction is responsive to a child's unique needs, in addition to that child's actions and behavior. Our programs work on a one-to-one and small group basis to ensure these three elements are part of each instructional hour. No two brains are wired the same, and therefore the process of teaching reading and math has to take into consideration that each child is a dynamic learner. At Lakeside, we start with the learner first, continuing to put that individual first throughout the entire program. Our intense, multisensory instruction and continuous assessing make up the bulk and adaptability of the program. 

Expert Instructors

Recent studies show with overwhelming evidence the difference that a teacher can make in the overall success or failure of a program. At Lakeside, we understand that high-quality instruction comes from high-quality instructors. Our academic team consists of certified teachers, college professors, graduate students, professional tutors, and proven subject experts. Our academic instructors bring a level of expertise and intensity to each instructional hour that can't be matched at any other learning program.


Ongoing Assessments/ Measurable Progress

On average, students at Lakeside make two to three months of progress for every month they are in the program. In a year, that translates into the expectation that students can make two to three years of progress.  Through the use of ongoing reassessments, we are able to measure progress continuously throughout the program. Because our instructors are so in tune with a student's learning, any deviation from these progress results are dealt with immediately.  In this way, our commitment to helping students find learning success achieves measurable results.

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