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Reading doesn't have to be difficult for your child 

Introducing PCI Education's Reading Intervention Program featuring SpellRead

 SpellRead is a results-driven, scientifically evaluated, intensive reading intervention program for students who struggle with reading acquisition, for students who are not fluent readers, and for students who do not retain or comprehend what they read. The research based SpellRead instructional methods help students overcome phonological auditory processing problems frequently associated with students who have reading disabilities. Learn more.

The SpellRead Program is effective for individuals who:
  • Are ages 5 through adult
  • Have diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities which impair their reading ability
  • Are receiving (or have received) special services at school for reading difficulties
  • Have found other reading programs ineffective 
  • Are currently struggling to acquire reading skills
  • Have historically struggled to become efficient and effective readers
  • Are functioning one or more years below grade level due to reading difficulties

Students in the SpellRead Program make measurable progress in:
  • Phonological skills
  • Word attack skills
  • Word identification
  • Oral reading fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling

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