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What is SpellRead?

SpellRead is an explicit, intensive, and comprehensive science-based reading intervention program that integrates the five essential elements of reading instruction: phonemic awareness (sound processing), phonics (sound-letter relationships), fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

The SpellRead Instructional Cycle

Each SpellRead session weaves the essential elements of reading instruction into a mastery program that enables student success from the first lesson. The program is divided into three phases. Each session includes phonemic and phonetic activities, language-based reading, and writing.
  • Phase A teaches each of the 44 sounds of the English language, beginning with those that are easiest to hear and manipulate.
  • Phase B teaches the secondary vowel and consonant blends, and takes students to the two-syllable level.
  • Phase C teachers the clusters, verb endings and syllabication to a polysyllabic level.
Each class also includes authentic, language-rich reading from leveled readers and popular trade books, as well as discussion and writing to ensure students learn to use this newly developed reflex in combination with their oral language reading and writing.

SpellRead Can End the Cycle of Failure

Mastering the phonological coding system to a level of automaticity provides a strong foundation for reading in all subject areas- without it learners continue to struggle throughout the grades. As text becomes more difficult, students become overwhelmed using compensatory strategies and fall further behind. SpellRead can end the cycle of failure.

The SpellRead Difference

SpellRead's multisensory approach bridges a student's sound system 
and oral language to build automaticity and trains the brain to efficiently process language read for understanding. Once through SpellRead, your students will have the skills they need to improve overall comprehension, and can confidently advance to more complex texts in all content areas. Once in, once out! 

Measurable Results, Backed by Gold-Standard, Independent Research

You can be confident in a program that leading research organizations have carefully studied and reviewed. The What Works Clearinghouse (Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education) rated SpellRead the highest in effectiveness for small-group reading intervention programs—887 studies were submitted, 153 programs reviewed, 24 programs met WWC evidence standards, 1 small-group reading program topped the list: SpellRead.

The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) stated, “Research studies for this program have demonstrated substantial gains across grade levels and among students with differing ability levels.”

For and independent study on SpellRead, click here.

"In an era when we can image the brain as an individual reads and literally see the brain at work, it is unacceptable to have children and adults struggling to read when they could benefit from what modern neuroscience has taught us about reading and dyslexia."
Sally Shaywitz, "Overcoming Dyslexia
", c.2003, pg 6. 

People with Dyslexia can read!

People with dyslexia learn to read, but do so using an inefficient process, requiring much more effort, intelligence, and motivation than would otherwise be necessary. 

SpellRead is constructed to remediate the phonological weaknesses (changing the neural pathways of the brain) in people with dyslexia - retraining the brain with phonological auditory training, guided oral reading, and writing practice.

One useful resource is the Dyslexia Parents Link which provides a range of helpful techniques which parents can use with their dyslexic child.

'Dyslexia Parents Link' 

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