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Prior to my son attending the learning facility, I was concerned that he was falling behind his studies. I had received a call from his teachers explaining that he was having some trouble in his reading and reading comprehension, and that he needed some extra help. I immediately looked online and searched for the best tutoring center. I found that Lakeside Learning had very good reviews, so I decided to call and give them a try. 

Within 3 months of starting at the learning center, my son has drastically improved in his reading skills. No longer does he ask for the meaning of what he just read, nor does he seem lost. His confidence has improved all thanks to Lakeside Learning. I definitely recommend Scott and Lakeside Learning to any parent who is looking for help for their children.


"My son was in-danger of being held back in the first grade because of his challenges with Reading. After a few months of working with the Lakeside instructor, he received the award for most-improved student at his school and is moving on to 2nd grade!"

"My daughter is in the first grade and was having many challenges learning to read. Not any more! This program gets results big time, and she really enjoys working with her instructor. I give them an A+ on service and results. Thanks Lakeside!"

"I referred my best friend there. She has a son diagnosed with a learning disability. He is 8 and had severe troubles with reading. My friend had tried every tutoring center out there - Kumon, Sylvan - you name it. SHE FINALLY FOUND RESULTS AT LAKESIDE!"

"My only regret is that I didn't decide to do the Lakeside program earlier."


When my son was is first grade, he was struggling with the basics of reading. He could not do what was expected of him in school and he told us "I don't think I'm smart enough to be in first grade". We had him accessed by an educational psychologist, and he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Luckily, we found Lakeside Learning. We started our son on Lakeside's scientifically proven, intensive tutoring program 2 ½ years ago. Each year we have seen a drastic improvement in his reading. Now, he is reading almost at grade level and is able to keep up with his school work. His self-esteem has grown immensely because he is able to read like other student's around him.

I cannot recommend Scott Rickert and Lakeside Learning highly enough. Scott is extremely patient, understanding and will do whatever it takes to help students in need. His program is a gift to any child who is struggling with reading.

We enrolled my son at Lakeside Learning over the summer, as he has several learning challenges.  We were hoping he’d learn a few skills before first grade. 

We were shocked to find him excelling at phonics and blending words within a couple of months!  In fact, by the time first grade started he had mastered the beginning stages of reading! Scott and the other well-qualified tutors have a way of reaching each child at their individual level and helping them succeed.

Even though the school year is well underway, we were so impressed with how much our son has learned in such a short time, that we have continued with Lakeside Learning. 

Now we receive the assignments for the upcoming week and the wonderful tutors at Lakeside Learning familiarize and “preview,” the school work that is coming up so my son has a better grasp when he’s in school. 

This approach has proven very successful, as he’s received 100 % on every spelling test!  I already refer friends to Lakeside Learning with the confidence that any child would benefit greatly from this amazing team!

"Lakeside Learning really impressed me. I am SOLD on their reading program! My 5-year-old son just loves his books. He is making my life difficult because now I have another full-time job - reading with him!!!"

"They have a proven reading method that not only TEACHES children to read, it leaves them with a passion to devour every book in sight. I highly recommend this place."


My daughter has been attending Lakeside Learning since April of 2012. When she first starting seeing Scott her fluency level in reading was of a first grader, mid year. My daughter at the time was in the third trimester of second grade. She is now in her first trimester of 3rd grade is considered in the average range except in comprehension where she is above average.  I am very happy with her progress and her increase level of self confidence. Scott works wonderfully with my daughter. His program and rewards chart encourages my daughter to work hard and succeed. His program seems educational and fun since I can hear my daughters giggles down the hall. She enjoys going to Lakeside Learning and I plan to continue sending her, with much confidence that she will achieve above average scores in all categories in the near future.

"My son Michael is always asking me when his Instructor is coming over. First of all, I like that they call themselves instructors, it sounds more professional. And every time his instructor comes to the house, Michael can't wait to work on all the Reading activities. His instructor is so informative to me and my wife about what he is learning, and so energetic and interactive with Michael." 

"This program gets results big time, and she really enjoys working with her instructor. I give them an A+ on service and results."


My nine year old son is currently a fourth grader at Sequoyah School in Pasadena. At the end of 2nd grade his teachers and we had him assessed because he seemed to be delayed in his reading skills. He was found to be over a grade level behind, specifically in his phonics awareness and his ability to retain sight words. He has been working with Scott Rickert and his associates at Lakeside Learning since the summer of 2011 on his reading and writing skills. My son had an instant rapport with Scott and his staff and with their diligent support he has made significant progress. 

He is reading closer to grade level with fluency, confidence and enthusiasm. Mr. Rickert and the staff at Lakeside continue to work with my son on improving his writing skills which obviously lagged as a result of his reading delay. Scott Rickert and the staff at Lakeside Learning are highly skilled, competent and thorough in their approach. 


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