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Why Lakeside Works
Many of the students who come to Lakeside are kids who have struggled with acquiring basic reading and math skills for far too long. The pain and humiliation they experience only succeeds in further exacerbating their learning challenges. Regardless of what behavior the child exhibits as a result of their reading and math deficiencies, these children feel terrible about themselves.  Likewise, a negative view of self further harms a child's motivation to learn effectively.  The simple model to the left highlights the negative cycle children enter when they struggle to acquire basic reading and math skills.  What starts a child on this cycle?  We know definitively that low skill level or, as stated in the model, low competency is the beginning point.  A child's inability to grasp basic concepts directly leads to low confidence and low motivation.  Add additional factors such as being unable to grasp concepts in a group setting where other students are understanding a lesson, and the cycle begins to turn quickly.  Moreover, low confidence and low motivation only further hurt the child's ability to grasp current and future concepts.  Children who become stuck in this cycle of learning failure early in their learning careers have extreme future consequences that go well beyond their struggles in the classroom. 

Lakeside Learning gets students out of the cycle of learning failure and into the cycle of learning success.  Although a familiar saying, the fact remains that success breeds more success. Through Lakeside's comprehensive assessments and intense, multisensory approach, we make sure students absolutely understand the concepts or skills that will impact current and future learning.  Our very targeted approach leads to high reading and math competency, in turn leading to high confidence and motivation, qualities which then further impact learning ability.  The learning curve greatly improves for confident children because they simply "believe" they can do it.  This belief is based on past success, and that past success is based on their competency.
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